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Heavens DoorAs a medium, I have the ability to communicate with people that have passed away.  Having this ability allows me to help others by acting like a “cell phone” to the other side.  It’s my goal to help you by processing the conversation between you and your loved ones that have passed over.

Quite often, having this chance to be in touch again with those you love can help you experience a deep sense of healing, closure, relief and joy.  Imagine knowing they are OK, that everything is going to be all right, or having the opportunity to say what was never said.  How would that change your life?

I can help you experience that as best I can, and have been able to contact departed loved ones that were difficult to reach.  In a personal session with me, I focus on communicating with the person, or people that you want to know about.  Of course, there may be others that want to speak to you, and they might come through as well.

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Touching The LightAfter a life changing “spiritual awaking” in my early thirties, I found that I could look at people, see where they had pain, realize its cause, and then heal it.  At first, this kind of freaked me out and I didn’t trust it at all.

After several years and a lot of miracles later, I realized that I had the ability to consistently and willingly help people heal from diseases, abuse and other conditions.  Many times the diseases had been diagnosed as terminal or lifelong conditions, but the people I helped overcame them.

Since my ability to heal came from the experience I had when I realized the highest form of light and spirit, I call myself a spiritual healer.  When I perform healings, I establish a connection with the source of all that is, and follow the guidance I receive to know the truth of healing for the person I am helping.

The results can lead to a simple shift in your life, to a total and complete transformation of life threatening conditions.

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ebook-150_shadows_130919What do I mean by “Spiritual Teacher?”  This is my way of helping you learn more about your own divine connection through prepared materials such as my first book “A Contemporary God: A spiritual Path to Love, Peace and Power”, meditation and healing guides, training courses, seminars, webinar’s, radio shows, TV and all that cool stuff.  Through the healing’s and medium readings, I can only reach a limited audience.  Through my teaching venues, virtually anybody that wants to find out more about their spirituality and take charge of their own healing process can be helped.

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