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What is A Contemporary God About?

A Contemporary God provides inspiration, healing and transformation for the modern world.  It takes you on an amazing journey of discovery and enlightenment, and provides God’s answer for the secret to true happiness.  Understanding the guidance in this book empowers you to realize different choices than what you knew before, and create a different experience of life based on the new sense of self.

Can anybody get benefits from it?

A Contemporary God can be enjoyed by people of any faith that are open to strengthening their own connection with the divine.  It has so much meaning that it can be read from cover to cover, or just opened to a specific page to gain a new insight or piece of knowledge that can help inspire and guide you through nearly any situation.  If there is any area of uncertainty or change in your life, this book is highly recommended.

What other types of materials do you have?

Please check out my products and events for further information about my teachings, or feel free to call me at 732-328-8310, or email with your requests for new materials.  I’m always looking for better ways to help you, so let me know what you need.